Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thought I’d do a family comparison of The Bransons with our first glimpse of Little Miss Branson from the 2012 Christmas Special. From what I can tell (albeit the cap of LMB is very poor), she’s all Tom and no Sybil. I wonder what the Crawleys will say to that. What do you think?


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  3. york-to-me answered: Babies usually look like their fathers (at first) so they don’t get a complex! I’m joking….but it’s possible her hair will get darker.
  4. andorra97 answered: I think she will be darkhaired like Sybil in the future. But no matter whom she resembles, she’s just so adorable!!
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  6. vale1886 answered: Daddy’s little girl :)
  7. thedaughterofiradavid answered: Their little Irish socialist (in training) grandchild! HELL YEAH!!!!
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    Looks more like Daddy.
  10. yankeecountess answered: I see some Sybil in her; and I always imagined the baby to have dark hair so I’m glad they stuck to that
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